Best books for GATE 2015

Here are some of the best books for GATE 2015, though it must be said that you have to invest a significant amount of time in these books to get some thing good out of it. These text books can be used as a standard reference, when ever you have a doubt you can go through it. Reading is a good habit, takes time to develop but is essential to learning.

Electrical Machines

Electrical Machinery by P.S Bhimbra
Although a fine books but it can be a bit intimidating at the beginning, Plenty of examples have been given in between the chapters so no worries there. Solution manual not available for end of the chapter problems.

ELECTRIC MACHINERY, 6/E (English) 6th Edition (Paperback) by A Fitzgerald, Charles Kingsley, Stephen Umans

The above given books is a good read, though a few GATE topics are not covered,  solution manual for this books is available online which will help in self preparation.

Signal and Systems

Signals & System 2nd Ed (English) 2nd Edition (Paperback) by Alan V. Oppenheim, Alan S. Willsky, S. Hamid Nawab

You can close your eyes and go for this signals and systems book, topics are explained in very easy manner and complete solution manual is available online, good books for self preparation.

Control System

Automatic Control Systems (With Cd) (English) 8th Edition (paperback) byGolnaraghi Kuo

The above is a standard textbook in control system and its complete solution manual is available online, this textbook is little hard to understand but it has a good set of practice problem.

Control Systems Engineering (English) 6th Edition (Paperback) by Norman S. Nise

This textbook by Nise is very easy to understand and concepts are explained in a very lucid way. On the negative side questions given in practice problems are more suited for the mechanical students. This books complete solution manual is available online

Electrical Measurement

A Course in Electrical and Electronic Measurements and Instrumentation (English) (Paperback) by A. K. Sawhney

A good books as a reference for measurement but its physically huge size is a negative, very few explanation problems and no solution manual for the end of the chapter problems.

Digital Design

DIGITAL DESIGN, 5TH EDITION (English) (Hardcover) by M. Morris Mano, Michael D. Ciletti

Although the above is a standard textbooks it is little difficult to understand. Its complete solution manual is available online.

It will be better to use easy Indian textbooks for this subject.
This is the best book for circuit analysis, easy to understand, ample example problems, complete solution manual is available online.
EDC by Boylestad is easy to understand and it complete solution manual is available online,  a must read book.
This books is a good read, lots of in chapter explanation problem, no solution manual available. Good book can be used a reference.
Very few in chapter examples, also very few end of the chapter practice problem, over all it can be used as a reference books.
Best book, with complete solution manual available online
Although recommended by many as the standard textbook for mathematics, this is little difficult to understand but complete solution manual of this book is available online.


These books have been recommend keeping in mind the quality and also the fact that solution manual for these books are available online so that it will be easier for people to prepare for GATE 2015 electrical all by themselves.

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