Calculus: Improper definite integrals notes

This post contains pdf file of the written notes of improper definite integrals which is part of calculus.

Calculus improper definite integrals type A

So this is another installment of Engineering Mathematics subject. When you are doing self preparation GATE/IES electrical exams, mathematics is a very a important subject. This is also relatively easy to understand and cover. All you have to do is to put in a little bit of effort. Aptitude and mathematics combined give you a total of 30 marks. 30 easy marks, you cannot afford to miss this.

You cannot afford to be weak in mathematics. Mathematics is used in almost all other subjects, even if you are power electronics, you need integrals[mathematics] to integrate the equation to find the average voltage or average current. So put in special effort for mathematics.

Topic covered in this post.

  • Gamma and Beta function.
  • Length of the curve
  • Partial differentiation : Function of two variable
  • Continuity
  • Homogeneous function
  • Euler’s theorem
  • Second order theorem
  • Derivative of composite function
  • Maxima and minima of a function

Stay tuned for more.

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