GATE electrical marks analysis

Q: So what does GATE electrical marks analysis shows us?

Ans: Well, the marks allocated for each subject changes each year, there is no defined pattern or marks allocated for each subject, except for the subject of general aptitude but since you need to have a general idea about the structure of the exam so that you can define your strategy for the exam please find the pdf file at the end of the post for the complete detailed structure of the GATE electrical marks pattern.

Q: What are the total marks for GATE?

Ans: The GATE exam is now conducted for 100 marks.

Q: How many many are allocated to general aptitude section

Ans: For the last few years aptitude section has been added and it is for 15 marks. This part is easy and a good place to score marks.

Q: How many marks are allocated to each question?

Ans: In GATE there are two types of question, 1 mark and 2 mark question.

Q: Is there negative marking?

Ans: Yes, each question has 1/3rd negative mark.

Q: How many marks should I get to qualify?

Ans: In GATE 2013, the qualifying mark for EE was 25 marks and a mark of 35 would have fetch you a rank of 9000, and mark of 27 around 19000 rank. You need 50+ for NIT and 60+ for IIT, this is for students in general category[ damm reservation].

Bottom line is that the GATE electrical marks analysis will show you that whatever subjects you are preparing prepare well and give equal importance to all of them because you never know the definite marks distribution, you may study a particular subject a lot and it may end up getting only 2 question.


You can download the pdf file below for details view of the GATE electrical mark distribution subject wise for last few years.

Subject wise marks analysis pdf




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