Synchronous Machines note Part one

This is first part of the 5 part synchronous machine notes series. This note is useful for electrical students who are preparing for GATE/IES exams.

synchronous machine part 1-Type:A

This note starts with the introductory note on DC/AC generator, then it moves to working principle of generator. Understanding how  flux work is very important in understanding how generator works, mutual flux linkages, induced emf follow etc.

Few small problems have been done to get a feeling of the concept.

Then this note explain construction of Salient Pole generator, cylindrical rotor alternator, armature winding, pole pitch, pitch factor etc.

This note as most of you electrical students know comes under electrical machine. E.M has a huge syllabus to cover and starting early will certainly help.

You can download,  print this note whatever but make sure that you do read it completely the day you download it or as soon as possible, try to analyze it, understand the small questions that are given.

Remember when you are preparing for a exam like GATE/IES you should either get serious about it or you should just leave it.


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