Z-transforms notes for GATE


It is  an easy topic in mathematics when compared to complex variables and calculus. All that you need to do is practice it a bit.

z transform notes type A pdf

Transform Theory is one of the subjects of GATE electrical exam, This subject includes Fourier transform,Laplace transform, Z-transform. So keep in mind that if you are preparing for Z-transform then you will have to prepare other two sub-topics also.

Anyhow Fourier, Laplace and Z-transform are integral parts of electrical engineering so don’t miss them, a little bit of practice will help you a long way.

This is small z-transform notes of 25 pages for all of you who are preparing for GATE exam.

Topic Covered

  • Z-transform definition
  • Region of convergence
  • Recurrence relation
  • First shifting theorem
  • Convolution property and initial value theorem
  • Inverse Z-transform
  • Partial fraction

Stay tuned for more GATE electrical notes and other material.

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